ETC Purple T-shirt
ETC Leggings, Tracksuit Bottoms and/or Shorts (Plain black may also be worn)
Black Tap Shoes – Ideally oxford style full lace-up with a low heel for the safety of your feet (with full ball and heel taps)

ETC Hoodie (Zipped or Pullover) or Tracksuit Top

ETC – Rucksack / Shoulder Bag / Drawstring Bag / Tote Bag

ETC – ISTD Examination Wear

If you are taking an ISTD Tap Examination with ETC here are a few of our uniform elements that can be purchased directly from the ETC Apparel and Accessories section of our ETC Apparel & Accessories section of our Elevated Tap Company Shop.

GIRLS – Purple Roch Valley Double Strapped Leotard | Black ETC Leggings | Black ankle socks | Black Tap Shoes with Ball and Heel Taps (see below for recommended tap shoes)

BOYS – Plain Black Fitted T-shirt | Black Smart Trousers | Black Ankle Socks
Purple Braces (these will be provided by ETC) | Black Tap Shoes with Ball and Heel Taps (see below for recommended tap shoes)


TAP SHOES – Ideally these should be oxford style black full lace-up tap shoes with a solid sole. Dancing Daisy have the Bloch 301 range please visit our ETC Apparel & Accessories section of our Elevated Tap Company Shop.

TROUSERS – For examinations, boys can wear a pair of smart-fitted black trousers with some stretch to allow free movement.

BRACES – Boys will be required to wear purple braces for examinations (these will be supplied by ETC)


Tap shoes, come in a vast array of styles, colours and brands and this can be a bit of a mind field when looking to purchase a pair for your child or for yourself. Over Erica’s 20+ years of tapping, foot health is one of the most important things to consider for taking regular classes and finding a style and brand that work for your feet. Oxford-style leather full lace-up tap shoes with a solid sole are best for protecting the feet whilst learning to tap dance rather than softer split sole or mary jane style alternatives. Bloch has become Erica’s prefered tap shoe brand over the years, so below is some information on a few of the tap shoes she recommends for both her children and adult students.


These tap shoes come in small child sizes through to larger adult sizes and are good mid-range priced tap shoes. They are made from leather rather than synthetic material, they have a lovely sound and come in half sizes too.

Alternatively, ETC recommends a variety of other BLOCH tap shoes below, these can be purchased from a variety of other dance shops across the UK (please ensure you check the individual shops sizing details as Bloch Tap Shoes are usually in US sizes)

Bloch’s Chloe & Maud
These tap shoes are designed by two US tap sisters Chloe & Maud. They are a good mid-range tap shoe with a slightly lower heel and a little more expensive than the Bloch 301’s with larger taps. They have a good range of children’s and adult sizes | available in plain black or white/black. You will see Erica’s daughter currently wearing a black pair of these, with the cute red heart charm and silver soles.

Bloch Jason Samuels Smith
Jason Samuels Smith, a US tap dancer designed this range of tap shoes specifically for Bloch. They are also known as Jsams. They are much heavier built-up tap shoes, with wooden soles and large taps. ETC only recommend these tap shoes for those who are confident tappers with strong feet usually age 10+, rather than complete beginners. These tap shoes are on the smaller size due to the internal padding so most people will need to order 1/2 to a full size up from their street shoe size. They are available in a variety of colourways and different finishes and do come with a much higher price point. These are Erica’s favourite style of tap shoes, you will see both her son and class assistant Harry wearing these in a variety of different colourways, many of which Erica has customised herself.

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